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Remix of No Ceremony's Hurtlove. Original available at

"Sparse and minimalist mechanoid meltdown glitch funk groove... diode distressing... which on closer inspection appears to have fused trace elements of the Paris Angels’ ’Perfume’ into the melodic matrix albeit as though re-rooted by some studio get together of EMF, Eskimos in Egypt and Jesus Jones types under the watchful tutelage of a head tripping Wagon Christ." Losing Today

"...although there is no sign of the harrowing piano that makes the original so distinct, its actually a really good listen!" Wire Me In


Lyrics: Love the way you cut me deep inside / side / love the way, love the way you cut me.


released September 1, 2011
Written by Roland, Dr Squeaky, Algie Lief & Michael The Dangerous Horse... and, of course, No Ceremony.




Hounds Of Hulme Manchester, UK

Hounds Of Hulme is @FatRoland making techno pop..

On SOIL: "It sounds raw but fresher. This is a moody little techno number which flicks the Vs. There’s a lot of welcome clattering, some abstract noise and a bit of melodic synth to stop it all falling apart. Like." Acid Ted ... more

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