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Manchester techno production outfit Hounds Of Hulme release their single, the Midnite EP on 9th Jan 2011 via houndsofhulme.bandcamp.com.

3 tracks of glitchy techno packaged with artwork, a hilarious two-page PDF survival guide to one of the tracks and a bonus bad quality video... all for only a quid. The audio here is an edited preview only.

Review of Hurtlovedandlost (September 2011): "Sparse and minimalist mechanoid meltdown glitch funk groove... diode distressing... EMF, Eskimos in Egypt and Jesus Jones types under the watchful tutelage of a head tripping Wagon Christ." Losing Today



released January 1, 2012
Written by Roland, Dr Squeaky, Algie Lief & Michael The Dangerous Horse.




Hounds Of Hulme Manchester, UK

Hounds Of Hulme is @FatRoland making techno pop..

On SOIL: "It sounds raw but fresher. This is a moody little techno number which flicks the Vs. There’s a lot of welcome clattering, some abstract noise and a bit of melodic synth to stop it all falling apart. Like." Acid Ted ... more

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